Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blog Recommend Alert!

Planning Family Blog

If you still have questions unanswered then this blog is perfect for you!  It has been around for a long while and has extensive posts that will be helpful for you and your family.  At they have information on Preconception, Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby, Toddler, Parents, and even Free Baby Stuff!  I will answer a couple questions you may have about this site and then I urge you to check it out for yourself!

First: “Is this blog good for me, as a new parent?”

Yes! In skawering through this blog I’ve found that it is perfect for the needs of our own audience of new parents.  In their section labeled “NEWBORN” they have articles and videos of what you might need to know with having a newborn baby such as: Bringing your baby home, Feeding, Newborn Care, Depression, Circumcision, Baby Blues and Postpartum, Premature Babies. They also have sections on quizzes, recipes, checklists, and tools (example: Birth Announcements, Breastfeeding and Diaper Changing Log, ect.) Come and look through on your own:

Second: “Is what I’m reading reliable?”

Reliable information is hard to come by on internet sometimes! This is why we, UpAllNight, started our blog.  We’ve worked hard in providing reliable information from reliable sources.  With that said, it is still important for you, as a reader, to always double check your answers.  Since anyone can post things on the internet what you need to do is check if their article has “references” at the bottom of it.  References show you where the author got their information.  If the article doesn’t have references, don’t be distraught!  Just double check the information with your local pediatrician, with a quick call.  Planning  Family has many great articles, but if you have a question about what you’re reading don’t be afraid to double check your information. 

Remember: Planning Family offers general information and is for educational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for professional medical, psychiatric or psychological advice.  Nothing on this website should be taken to imply an endorsement of Planning Family or its partners by any person quoted or mentioned.

Third: “Will I be able to apply what Planning Family in my own life?”

Lucky for you, this blog has hundreds and hundreds of articles!  Since this blog was made to educate their reader, it not hard to find what you are looking for.  You may go looking for one specific question and come out with an answer to that question along with other ideas that you hadn’t thought of before.

Fourth: “Is it an easy read?”

Everybody likes easy reads, don’t they?  The nice thing about this website is it gives you the information, without you needing to go hunting for it.  For example, if you have a question on feeding your newborn you go to the section on “feeding” and click on the article that best describes your question.  There isn’t a lot of “fluff” so they give you the information without you needing to hunt for it.

Last question: “What do you think about this blog, Chelsey?”

I’ve loved exploring this blog!  It has A LOT of information, which is very comforting to you as a reader.  I’ve loved how well established this blog and updated the information provided is.  I would recommend it to anyone!  But REMEMBER, check your resources and call your pediatrician if you have any questions and as always, don’t settle on one article or blog to answer your questions!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I am always looking for blogs to read or to pass along and I appreciate your suggestion. I will definitely be checking it out.

  2. This sounds like a great blog! I think that it will definitely be helpful and I have a few new parents that I could recommend it to that it would help out hugely! It sounds like it has a huge pool of information about all areas of families and will be very useful. Thank you!