Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom: Blog Review

I really enjoyed reviewing this blog because it was very informative. This blog is a positive place for parents to visit and find answers to their questions about Babywise. The overall layout of this blog is based on Babywise, a book about raising an infant, this book also presents an infant care program that will cause babies to sleep through the night beginning between seven and nine weeks of age. The overall layout of the blog was very organized and easy to navigate. I did find the content of the blog to be overwhelming at times because of all the information available. I also like how at the end of each post the author recommended other places to visit. My review of this blog includes: if the author met the needs of the audience, if research was aligned with the blog, the applicability of the blog, and the quality of the writing.

1.    The blogs author meets the needs of her audience. The author will publish posts on reader’s request or will answer questions within 2 weeks of being submitted. The author also has a section for reader’s comments or questions. The author does a great job keeping up with the questions and answering them.  

2.        I did not find a lot of research in this blog. It lacked scientific evidence and citations. However, what I found abundant in this blog was the author’s opinions, readers’ opinions, and their life experiences. I also noticed that the author made references to the Babywise book, other parenting books, and related blogs.

3.       The content in the blog is very applicable. New parents can relate to the content of the post and I found a lot of the information provided to be very helpful. The blog gives great advice to parents of a newborn about feeding times and sleeping times.

4.        Overall the writing in this blog is good quality because it is easy to understand. The writer of this blog has a lot of experience that adds to the quality of the writing. Since the author is likable it made me more inclined to actually try some of the things suggested in her blog.

In conclusion, this blog can be very helpful for parents who follow the Babywise theory. I found that this blog targets those parents the most. However, I think those who are unfamiliar with the Babywise theory can also learn a lot from this blog. Initially, I was unfamiliar with Babywise but after reviewing this blog and reading all the wonderful things about Babywise I decided to try it out.  


Plowman, V. (2007). Chronicles of a babywise mom. Retrieved from

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