Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oxford study on breastfeeding

If you are wavering on whether or not to breastfeed your baby, here is one more quick pitch. A meta-analysis done by Oxford University and Essex University showed that breastfeeding improved school performance across English, maths and science scores, and persisted into secondary school. "Indeed, there is some evidence that the effect tends to grow over time" (Oxford, 2011). The study compared test scores of children who as babies had been "matched on a huge range of characteristics, including: their sex, gestational age, birth weight, their mother’s age and marital status, parents’ job status and education, and their home environment" (Oxford & Essex, 2011).

University of Oxford. (March 14, 2011). Study: Breastfed children do better at school.
     Retrieved March 8, 2012 at


  1. Thanks for the extra information on breastfeeding! It's very interesting!

    1. Cheryl R: Thanks. I'm glad you found it interesting,too.