Saturday, March 24, 2012

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The internet is an amazing resource when it comes to getting information, and let’s face it, information is exactly what new parents need.  Countless Google searches must be made every day by parents looking for help and advice on how to raise their little bundles of joy, and the internet can be a great tool on how to do that.  However, not all information out there is the best, but I’m here to tell you about a great blog that offers accurate information that parents can really use.  The blog is called NewParent  and several authors help contribute sound advice to parents and parents-to- be.  Topics range from pregnancy all the way up to Toddlerhood and several subcategories exist within those. 

The target audience of the blog seems to be new moms in particular and I think the authors do a wonderful job of catering to these women.  The blog layout is charming and inviting, and visitors will find it easy to navigate through the links and topics.  Readers are encouraged to ask questions and are directed to other blogs that might be helpful to them as well.  I think the range of topics might be a bit overwhelming at first, but I believe visitors will appreciate the vast amount of information available to them.

The authors do a great job of submitting information that is both accurate and on par with the latest research.   In one particular post the author talks about ways parents might bring on tantrums in their children.  I was skeptical of the post at first because every child is so different, but I was pleasantly surprised by the author’s insights.  One example that the author mentioned was how adding to a child’s picture to make it “prettier” could cause a tantrum and curtail a child’s creativity, and this is precisely right. A child should be able to create freely, otherwise they might feel frustrated at themselves.  By telling a child how to be “creative”, a parent can potentially undermine a child’s creative abilities. (Mindham 2005)  My only frustration was that many posts did not include their references, but fortunately their information was still sound.

I also found the content to be very applicable and useful for moms and dads alike.  Topics are in no way obscure and the authors do a great job of giving actual advice that parents could implement into their own parenting styles.  I was also impressed with the way the blog answered many questions that I’m sure every parent asks.  One particular post was completely devoted to what a mother could expect in the delivery room.  This has always been something I’ve been interested in and I want to be prepared for when I choose to have kids of my own.  Another post focused on how moms could prepare before their babies were born.  I found tips such as stocking up on diapers and preparing big easy meals beforehand to be very helpful and I would encourage any expecting parent to use them.

The authors were funny, informative, and relatable which is why I think this blog is so successful.  One link titled “a mother’s story” has the narratives of several women as they tell their own stories about their experiences with motherhood.  The writing is intelligent, yet understandable, and this is a blog I will definitely keep up on when I become a parent myself.

Overall this was an excellent blog and I highly recommend any new parents to read it.  The information was accurate and helpful and the authors are fun and intelligent.  My only complaints are the lack of references and the fact that they seem to ignore dads a bit.  Other than that it was a fantastic find.


Minham, C. (2005). Creativity and the young child. Early Years,25 (1). P 81-84.

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